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How to read this documentation site

The documentation site is designed to facilitate readers in understanding what are written on the site.

  • For voters: Voters who mainly vote for masternodes to receive rewards are encouraged to our tutorials on how to connect wallets to TomoChain and how to vote.

  • For masternode owners: A masternode is an important entity in TomoChain's ecosystem. A TomoChain masternode is a server which uses its computing power to contribute to the network. Its job is to create and sign blocks. For this contribution to the network, masternodes receive rewards in the form of TOMO. A masternode must satisfy a minimum requirements about its computing power, RAM, and storage in order to stably maintain the network. A financial requirement of 50k TOMO is also needed to apply to become a masternode candidate. For this, masternode owners are highly recommended to carefully read our dedicated guide to running a masternode, using tmn and Docker. Also, masternode owners can follow our tutorial on TomoChain medium page and our wiki page.

  • For developers: We highly encourage developers to contribute to the development of TomoChain ecosystem growth. For this reason, we have been building a set of developer tutorials and documentation on developing DApps to be run on TomoChain as well as to contribute to the development of TomoChain's products. This DApp tutorial shows how to deploy a smart contract on TomoChain. For developers who are curious about TomoChain's source code, this private TomoChain testnet guides you how to setup a private TomoChain testnet.